For assistance with website accessibility, please contact the Wildland Fire Decision Support Center at 208-387-5253.
For assistance with Login/Password, contact the Help Desk at 866-224-7677 / 616-323-1667.
Preliminary User Qualifications
The WFDSS application is intended for use by the US federal government for managing wildland fires. Please read the following to verify you qualify as an authorized user for this application. If you meet the qualifications, then press the continue button to proceed to the next page.

Federal Employees
Federal employees with a valid email address will automatically be granted viewing privileges within the WFDSS application.
An email address is considered valid if it is from one of the following domains:
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
Federal employees without a valid email address should follow the instructions below provided for other WFDSS partners.

Tribal Employees
Tribal employees please contact your regional BIA WFDSS Geographic Area Editor. Your FMO, or BIA Regional FMO, will know the contact information for each region. DOI security training will need to be successfully completed before the GA Editor can grant you access.

Other WFDSS Partners
Non-federal WFDSS partners (as well as federal users without a pre-authorized email address) may gain access to the application by:
  1. Contacting the IIA Help Desk to determine which Geographic Area Editor (GAE) should be contacted. The IIA Help Desk can be contacted at:
    • 866-224-7677, or
    • 616-323-1667.
  2. Contacting the GAE to obtain sponsorship based on your business need.
  3. Providing proof of completion of a similar Security Awareness training to the GAE. Security training can be:
    • through a state agency/local office, or
    • Completing USDA AgLearn security training, or
    • Completing DOI on-line security training, or
    • Using CD versions of these training modules, or
    • Completing the hardcopy USDA PDF material provided by a Geographic Area Editor