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 3.13 Release Adds Unit Shapes, Unit Level Strategic Objectives, KMZs, Other Functionality and "Under the Hood" Enhancements
 6.1 Release New Functionality and Enhancements
 WFDSS Spring 2017 Updates
 5.4 Release Introduces Accessibility Mode
 6.0 Release New Functionality and Enhancements
 5.3 Release Introduces the Assessment Tab
 5.2 Release Introduces the Default Decision Editor
 4.12 Release - IRWIN Integration 4.13 Release Adds Hauling Charts and NTFB Animated KMZs
 4.12 Release Modifies Incident Entry
 WFDSS Outage 11/12/13
 4.10 Release Adds Groups to Improve Multi-Incident Management
 Modifying Images so They Display Correctly When the Draft .pdf is Created
 4.11 Release Improves Relative Risk and Organization Assessment Functionality
 Things to Consider before Generating Draft .pdf Documents
 Fitting Tables within the Horizontal Width of the WFDSS Page When Creating Draft .pdfs
 Getting Draft .pdf Documents to Print with Page Breaks
 WFDSS Users Running Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10
 4.9 Release Adds Map Bookmarks and Delegation of Authority Template
 4.8 Release Enhances LayerSwitcher and M.A.P. Features
 UPDATED: 4.4 Release Now Available
 4.5 Release Adds Flame Act Report and Automatically Generated Stratified Cost Index (SCI)
 UPDATED: 4.6 Release Modifies How Filters Are Created
 4.3 Release Adds New Forecast Data and Growing Season Index
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 4.2 Release
 5.1 Release Centralizes Entering Cost Data
 4.11 Release Improves Relative Risk and Organization Assessment Functionality
 Calculated State of Weather (SOW)
 4.1 Release Adds Password Security and New Report
 Do-It Yourself Password Reset
 3.12 Release Adds Objective Shapes and Spreadsheet Downloads
 3.11 Release Adds Near-Term Fire Behavior Analysis
 3.14 Release Adds Downloading Incident KMZs and Dynamic Content
 System Maintenance Message 4/22/2011
 WFDSS Forecasted Weather
 Updated SW, NC, PSW, and PNW Landfire Zones
 3.15 Release Focuses on Shape Privileges
 Managing Passwords
 Glossary Resources
Collapse Glossary of Terms
    1 hr fuel moisture
    10 hr fuel moisture
    action items
    advanced decision editor
    analysis area
    analysis ignition
    arrival time
    artificial season
    aspect theme
    Boolean logic
    building cluster points
    burn probability
    cadastral data
    canopy base height theme (CBH)
    canopy bulk density theme (CBD)
    canopy cover theme
    constraints, land management
    coordinate system
    course of action
    data element
    dead fuel moisture
    default decision editor
    desired condition
    digital elevation model (DEM)
    discovery size
    dispatch location
    elevation theme
    Energy Release Component
    enterprise data
    escaped prescribed fire
    Event Coverage Report
    Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
    Fire Behavior Specialist (FBS) & Super Analyst
    fire containment time
    fire management
    fire management plan (FMP)
    fire management unit (FMU)
    fire management unit constraint
    fire manager
    fire perimeter
    fire planning
    fire probability
    fire progression
    fire severity
    fire spread model
    Fire Spread Probability (FSPro)
    fire suppression organization
    fire type
    fireline intensity
    FlamMap Minimum Travel Time (MTT)
    fuel model theme
    fuel moisture conditioning
    Geographic Area
    geographic area coordination center (GACC)
    Geographic Area Editor
    geographic coordinate system (GCS)
    geographic information systems (GIS)
    geospatial data
    GIS data standards
    global positioning system (GPS)
    grid weather
    growing season index (GSI)
    Heat per Unit Area
    herbaceous fuel moisture
    highly valued resource
    hourly records (weather)
    incident cause
    incident objectives
    incident requirements
    initial attack
    initial response (IR)
    Jurisdictional Agency
    land management objectives
    Land/Resource Management Plan (L/RMP)
    landscape critique
    landscape extent
    landscape mask
    large fire
    latest perimeter size
    live fuel moisture
    major paths
    management action point (M.A.P.)
    Management Requirement
    management requirement shapes
    map extent
    map projection
    map scale
    max degree of fit
    max lag
    National Digital Forecast Database
    National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRSO
    National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (NGDC)
    National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
    National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)
    non-federal partners
    North American Datum 1983
    Number of Days
    objective, incident
    objective, management
    organizational unit
    planning area
    point of origin
    prescribed fire
    production rate
    protection boundary
    Public Land Survey System (PLSS)
    published decision
    pumping minutes
    raster data
    rate of spread
    Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)
    remote sensing
    representative weather station
    shaded relief image
    Short-Term Fire Behavior
    slope theme
    solar radiation
    spatial analysis
    spatial data
    spatial modeling
    spatial query area
    stand height theme
    state plane coordinate system (SPCS)
    status bar
    strategic objective shapes
    Strategic Objectives
    Stratified Cost Index (SCI)
    Surface Management Agency (SMA)
    tabular data
    tactical objective
    time series
    Training System
    universal polar stereographic (UPS)
    universal transverse Mercator (UTM)
    Values at Risk
    Values Inventory
    vector data
    vertical datum
    WFDSS Basic Fire Behavior
    WFDSS jurisdicational unit at point of origin
    WFDSS Production System
    WFDSS Short Term Fire Behavior
    wildland fire
    wildland fire use
    wildland urban interface (WUI)
    woody fuel moisture