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4.10 Release Adds Groups to Improve Multi-Incident Management

Release 4.10 will be deployed on Training 8/28/2013 and to Production 8/29/2013.

New Functionality and Enhancements

Groups: The Groups tab is located to the right of the Incident tab. A group is a collection of incidents represented by a user-defined group name for the purposes of being able to quickly manage and review details about local, GA-wide, or national fire events. Groups are a convenient way to view fires in close proximity, view fires in a complex, view fires within a specified geographic area, or view shapefiles for all incidents within a group. Also, Fire Behavior Specialists can quickly monitor information about fires within their units, and Area Commanders can use groups for risk management and decision making. For more information about Groups, see About Groups.

My Home Page sub-tabs: Four new sub-tabs now appear when you bring up the My Home Page. These sub-tabs display more detailed information about your incidents, activities, map bookmarks, and system messages.

Password Requirements: When setting your password, you now need to include at least three character sets (character set choices are uppercase alpha, lowercase alpha, numeric, and other) in addition to the other requirements. See Password Requirements for further information.

MODIS Readings: On the map layerswitcher, you can now obtain information about MODIS 6 Hr., 12 Hr., 24 Hr., and Year-To-Date information.

Hourly Weather Forecast Data: From the Info tab on the Situation, Analysis, and Intelligence maps, you can now derive 6 days of hourly weather forecast for an incident's latitude and longitude, or for any point you select on any map display in WFDSS. A local National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office provides the hourly forecast data, often referred to as point forecast data, for the 2.5km grid cell that contains the selected point. Inconsistency among point forecasts and associated elements may occur due to variation in forecast development and display among Forecast Offices. See Generating Hourly Weather Forecasts for more information.

LANDFIRE 2010 v1.2.0: New layers have been added and are available on the map layerswitcher. LANDFIRE for Alaska is due out in September.

Management Action Points Report: The Management Action Points Report allows users to choose all currently included and published as well as non-published management action points for an incident and to generate a map image for individual M.A.Ps. See Creating Management Action Points (MAP) Reports for more information.

Uploading Shapes: WFDSS accepts uploaded shape files that do not exceed 1500kb.