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System Maintenance Message 4/22/2011

WFDSS will be unavailable Friday morning April 22, 2011 in order for some security upgrades to be applied. Maintenance will begin at 8:00 am MDT and take 2-4 hours to complete. If you have concerns, please contact Rob Seli at 406-396-2081.

WFDSS Forecasted Weather

An intermittent problem with forecasted weather used in the WFDSS fire behavior tools appears to be increasing in frequency. It shows up in different ways, sometimes as missing wind periods and sometimes as unusual minimum temperatures which also causes the entire weather and wind streams to be unavailable.

You should check the weather and wind streams in STFB and NTFB carefully as well as the forecasted ERC and wind in FSPro (when used.) A new NDFD product is downloaded to WFDSS at quarter past the hour and often the problem corrects itself.