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To edit an incident:

  1. From within the WFDSS application, choose the Incident tab. The Incident List appears. (See Navigate to an Incident for more ways to access the incident.)
  2. Select the incident you want to edit, then click View Information. The Edit Incident page appears.
  3. Verify the existing information about the incident. If you are uncertain about the Landscape Data Source to select, click the help icon to the right of the data source.
  4. Enter any additional information that you have about the fire, such as Unique Fire Identifier and so on.
  5. Upload the most recent fire perimeter. The Latest WFDSS Perimeter Size (acres) is automatically updated to the most recent fire perimeter.
  6. Click Save. The incident is saved to the database.

From this page, you can also access analyses, the decision reporting process, transfer incident ownership to another individual or multiple owners (previously called groups), review IRWIN information, and other tasks.

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