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General Information

This section provides information about the general parameters used in the analysis as well as the RAWS Station Information. See example below.

STFB General Info on analysis

 STFB General Information from Analysis

This information is View only, however, in the near future, the Analyst-Assisted version will allow Fire Behavior Specialists to make changes to the many inputs needed for a Basic Fire Behavior (BFB) or Short-Term Fire Behavior (STFB) analysis. 

In This Section

Automated BFB and STFB View ONLY Inputs

See Also

Wind Information (Automated BFB & STFB)

Weather Stream

Wind Stream (Automated BFB & STFB)


Field Descriptions

Glossary Resources

Spatial Data Reference

Landscape Data Source Reference

Relative Risk Reference

Organization Assessment Reference

Fire Behavior Reference

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