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Modifying Foliar Moisture Content (BFB & STFB, NTFB)

You can modify Foliar Moisture Content for BFB, STFB, and NTFB, but not FSPro. Foliar moisture content is used in conjunction with canopy base height from the landscape extent to determine the threshold for surface-to-crown-fire transition in each cell. It is not used to calculate crown-fire rate of spread or to determine the difference between predicted passive versus active crown fire.

You can set foliar moisture from 70-130%, and it is constant across the landscape for the duration of a simulation; it is not conditioned over time or space. The foliar moisture value generally needs to be changed only if local sampling suggests that the actual value is extremely high or low, or when crown fire behavior appears misrepresented in the outputs.

To modify foliar moisture content:

  1. From the Analysis list, select the analysis that you want to modify foliar moisture content for.

    Note: If you are already in the analysis, choose the Information menu item on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click View Information. The General Information page appears for the selected analysis.
  3. In the Foliar Moisture Content field, enter the new value. Base your percentage on local fuel sampling data, or choose an appropriate value to obtain calibrated fire behavior outputs.
  4. Click Save.

You can continue to tweak the analysis parameters until the analysis is run.

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Modifying Fuel Moistures for Fire Behavior Analysts

To modify foliar moisture content (BFB & STFB, NTFB):

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