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To edit a decision using the Default Decision Editor

  1. Navigate to the Pending Decision on the Decisions tab and select the section to add text to by clicking the radio button next to the section. Select Edit.
  2. The Default Decision Editor opens to display vertical tabs; if you are editing the entire decision, the tab furthest to the right will open. If you've just chosen a section to edit, the vertical tab for that section will display.
  3. Depending on which section of the Decision you are editing different required and optional content will be available for inclusion. Depending on the tab, you may be able to:
    • Insert a Section: Enables you to add content that consists of a title, text and/or images.
    • Select optional content to include in a decision such as analysis outputs, assessment charts, various inventory options and customized risk tables.
    • Access assessment tools for developing relative risk and organization assessments (if you navigate away from the decision editor to develop assessments, click Return to return the decision editor).
    • Utilize sliders to document benefits and/or strategy (optional).
    • Create primary decision inputs and supporting comments (if you navigate away from the decision editor to develop inputs, click Return to return the decision editor).
  4. Select Save after appropriate edits, and click View Section to see how a section will display in a decision.

    Users can insert another text section by clicking Insert Section or Insert Before depending on if it is desired to add a new text section before or after an existing section.

    Use the Edit button to edit text in any of the added sections.

    Use the Move Up and Move Down arrows to change the order of the text sections.

    To delete a text section, click Delete.

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