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Character Limitations

When editing a decision, you may encounter an error message that you've exceeded character limits (and character limits vary depending on the section you are editing). Text copied from outside sources pastes cleanly into the two decision editors and character limits, if reached, are due to excessive text. All previous formatting to include hyperlinks, bold, colored font etc. are stripped from teh text and have no bearing on character limits. You can recreate formatting using the Advanced Decision Editor but formatting tools are not currently available in the Default Decision Editor.

If you reach character limitations, insert multiple sections of text to break up the content. Going this route may improve overall readability as well. You may also try the following:

Note: Bullets and complex tables do not do not copy and paste well into WFDSS. You may have to recreate the bullets using dashes or other alternate notations, especially when working in the Default Decision Editor. Table text copies but the framework typically does not, and can result in a disjointed display of tabular data. If tables are critical to your decision, consider using the Custom Risk table feature located on the Assessment tab. You may also consider creating your decision using the Advanced Decision Editor which has a robust set of formatting tools to include tables.

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