Admin. Boundaries

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Admin Boundaries Overview

These data delineate the administrative jurisdictions of the BIA, BLM, NPS, USFS, and USFWS for the purpose of locating and viewing federal agency lands within the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS).

Data Input

The source data for this layer were collected from each of the five federal fire management agencies.  Minor processing steps were completed to each of the source layers to ensure a consistent projection/datum and attribution.  These edits did not impact the original integrity of the data and no polygons or associated attributes were changed, removed, or edited. For the purposed of mapping each agency dataset is displayed as it's own layer within WFDSS.

Caution: The data displayed in WFDSS are intended for STRATEGIC USE ONLY. Always verify the positional accuracy of the data with local knowledge.

Data Limitations

This data set is used as a display-only layer within WFDSS, and it does not have any linkages to the auto-populated information that is entered in the Incident Information page within the application.

Data Information

Figure 1: Administrative Boundaries Data Information






Data Download:

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Administrative Boundaries GIS Team Contacts

The WFDSS application is "data rich". It requires data which is spatially oriented and graphically displays information to support wildland fire and other natural resource decisions. Due to the type and number of interagency spatial data sets required in April 2009 an interagency GIS Team was formed to provide data support for WFDSS. This Team is responsible for acquiring, consolidating, and validating their agency spatial and tabular data. In addition this team developed and maintained communications among local, regional, and national agency personnel to improve the collection process and provide explicit guidance on data needs. The members of the WFDSS GIS Team are:

Table 1: WFDSS GIS Team ContactsWFDSS GIS Team Contacts

Andrew Bailey WFM RD&A Data Manager
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Ben Butler
WFM RD&A GIS Specialist
send email

Jill Kuenzi
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Joseph Kafka
send email

Cameron Tongier
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Skip Edel
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Dianna Sampson
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Kristy Swartz BLM-NIFC 208.387.5326 send email

Jennifer L. Jenkins BLM-Alaska Fire Service 907.356.5587 send email


For contact information about this data layer, see WFDSS GIS Team Contacts.