Organization Assessment Part 1: Relative Risk Assessment

Figure 1: Relative Risk Assessment Image

Relative Risk Assessment

In WFDSS, users calculate the Relative Risk for an incident by selecting appropriate inputs for each of the above rating charts on the left. The inputs inform the Relative Risk rating in the chart on the right (4). See the Relative Risk Assessment guidance for descriptions of the variables in steps 1-3. If you had to develop a relative risk rating for an incident from a hard copy of the assessment, you would do the following:

  1. Select the appropriate radio button for each element in the Values rating chart.
  2. Draw a line connecting the selected radio button on the left and right sides of the chart.
  3. From the selected radio button at the top of the chart, follow the line down to where it intersects the line connecting the left and right sides of the graph.
  4. Read the Low, Moderate, or High rating from the background area where the intersection occurs.
  5. Do this for the Hazards and Probability rating charts as well.
  6. In the Relative Risk rating chart on the right, circle the Low, Moderate or High ratings derived from the three previous charts.
  7. Following the same sequence of line drawing steps (steps 2 & 3), determine the Relative Risk rating from the background area where the intersection occurs.
  8. Use relative risk result as inputs to Part 4: Organization Assessment.