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Obtaining a Values Inventory

A Values Inventory (VI) table is generated automatically when a planning area is saved or when STFB or NTFB fire behavior analyses are processed. WFDSS uses the STFB Arrival Time footprint or the NTFB projected perimeter to determine which values are included in the table.

The VI table displays a list of values categories and acreages found within the area covered by the planning area or analysis output, as well as associated source, currency and coverage information for each category. Differences between VI tables generated by planning areas or analysis outputs are as follows:

If a unit has chosen to use the WFDSS Spatial Fire Planning process, then a second Spatial Fire Planning Inventory list will appear that includes Retardant Avoidance, Alaska Fire Management Options, and Unit Management Requirement layers. This list will be empty if these layers do not intersect the planning area or analysis output. When viewing a decision document, the Values Inventory displays information in the Values section of the document and the Spatial Fire Planning Inventory displays on the Objectives page.

Building data are available for the western US if a county has shared its data. BLM, NPS, and USDA FS building data are also available. In addition, Data Managers can choose to include other unit shapes in the values inventory or create customized risk tables from the values inventory tables available for an incident.

CAUTION: DO NOT assume that the value layers are complete or all-inclusive! These layers are updated frequently as new information becomes available. Check your system preferences occasionally for changes to available map layers.

To obtain a values inventory for a planning area:

  1. From the Incident List, select the incident for which you would like to view the values inventory.
  2. Click Situation Assessment. The Situation map appears.
  3. Select the Map tab > Incidents > Planning Areas.
  4. Click the Expand Banner icon beside the planning area you for which you would like to view the values inventory.
  5. Click Spatial Inventory. The planning area Values Inventory appears with Spatial Inventory of Management Requirement shapes.

    If instead you see a message that says the values inventory request was submitted, right-click on the message page and click Refresh from the menu. The values inventory appears.

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To obtain a values inventory for an analysis output:

  1. From the Analysis List, select the accepted-as-complete STFB or NTFB analysis for which you would like to view the values inventory.
  2. Click View Results. The Results map appears with the results for that run displayed in the LayerSwitcher and the map view.
  3. Click Values Inventory. A message appears saying that the values inventory request was submitted.
  4. After a few moments, right-click on the message page and select Refresh from the menu. The values inventory appears.

Values inventories for automated STFB and STFB and NTFB analyses can also be viewed from the Situation Map and are displayed in a similar fashion.

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To obtain a values inventory:

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