RAWS Stations

Last updated on 11/17/2010 11:43:39 AM.


The RAWS Stations layer displays RAWS stations that could potentially be used within WFDSS for fire behavior modeling. Users can click on either the RAWS symbol or the adjacent label to display a popup window containing information regarding the station.

The last row in the RAWS popup window indicates if the station can be used for FSPro ERC classes, FSPro Winds, and/or Other Fire Behavior. The window contains a link to the Fire Danger Rating graph, if one exists (10 years of data must exist for WFDSS to generate a graph for a station). In addition, if the station name appears as a link, you can click the name to display the MesoWest information for the station.

Relevant Websites and References


For more information about this data layer or to provide feedback about its use, please contact:

National Fire Decision Support Center (NFDSC) at 208-387-5253


HelpDesk at https://iiahelpdesk.nwcg.gov/ or 1-866-224-7677.