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Exporting Planning Processes

WFDSS users assigned the role of Data Manager can export a current planning process and its associated shapes and text. A planning process is exported for two reasons; to save a 'snapshot' of the current planning process that can be used to restore the planning process at a later time and/or to enable import into the corresponding system (Training to Production or vice versa). Planning processes cannot be exported out of the system but instead can only be shared between Training and Production. The export feature can be helpful for the following situations:

To export planning processes:

  1. From the Data Management tab, select the Objectives subtab (if you are not already there).
  2. Under the Planning Process box, click Import/Export Planning Process. The Import/Export Planning process page appears.
  3. Enter a description for the planning process you want to export. The description may not exceed 24 characters.
  4. Click Export to save a copy to the current system, and/or click the checkbox to export the Planning Process data to the other environment (Training or Production) as well. A status message displays at the top of the page that the export was successful.

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