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To capture map images

  1. To save a map view, go to the Info tab and scroll down to Map Image.

    Note: The Capture Image feature only works with the WFDSS Topos and USGS-sourced base layers. Google® images are licensed for viewing in WFDSS, but not for saving or printing.

  2. Name the image (64-character limit). Use a descriptive title, e.g., Challis fire FSPro day 3.
  3. Enter a brief description of the image (4000-character limit).

    The text you enter here is attached to the image like a caption, and cannot be edited or deleted. Be as specific as possible. This information appears in the decision report with the image. If you include the image in your decision document, you can use the text editor to add additional information before and after the image.

  4. Click Capture Image. The image is saved to the Images folder for the incident (Images folder > "your last name" folder > Map).

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