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Re-enabling a Disabled Account

GA editors can begin the process of re-enabling WFDSS accounts for users in their GAs whose accounts have been disabled due to inactivity (no access in 270 days). GA Editors cannot see disabled accounts for users whose contact information is outside of their GA, or for users who have selected ‘None’ as their GA (these are only visible to National Editors). If a GA Editor needs to locate an account outside of their GA, they can temporarily change their own GA to match that of the user.

What this means to you:

WFDSS user accounts lock when not accessed in 60 days and require a password reset by the IIA HelpDesk ( and +1 866-244-7677) to unlock. Locked accounts become disabled after 270 days of inactivity and require a Geographic Area Editor (GAE) to re-assign user role(s), and then a password reset by the IIA HelpDesk.

You receive email notifications 30 days and 3 days prior to account disabling to allow time for a locked account password reset. When 270 days lapse and your account is disabled, you receive a final email letting you know your account was disabled. It will contain instructions on how to proceed.

When a user with a disabled account contacts their GA editor, the GA will re-assign a user role. Users with accounts disabled prior to 8/28/19 will show previous roles as 'anonymous'. User accounts disabled after this date will display previous roles so when re-enabled, the former roles are known. Roles assigned in Production automatically sync with the user’s Training account (but not vice versa). The user can then contact the Help Desk to reset their password and unlock the account.

Because password resets sync automatically between Production and Training, the Help Desk does not need to verify if a user is disabled in both systems and only needs to reset the password in Production. In addition, the Help Desk cannot assign user roles nor can a GA Editor reset passwords.


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