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Requesting an Automated Password Reset

If you forget your password, you can request an automated password reset. An access key link is emailed to your primary email address. Click the link to reset your password:

If your account is locked (60 days have lapsed since last password reset), you will be unable to use this feature and must call the Help Desk to request a password reset. If your account is disabled (270 days have lapsed since your last login), you must contact your local GAE to request role(s) reassignment and then call the Help Desk to request a password reset.

To request a password reset:

  1. From the WFDSS Login page, click the Forgot your password? link. The Reset User Password page appears.
  2. Enter your user name.
  3. Enter your primary email address (it must match the one listed in your user profile).
  4. Enter your primary phone number.
  5. Click Reset Password. A system-generated email is sent to your primary email address that contains an access key link.
  6. Click the link.
  7. Type your new password.
  8. Answer the security question. (Your response must exactly match what you entered when you created the security question.)
  9. Login with the new password.

The system emails you verifying your password reset.

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To request a password reset:

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