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To upload shapes for an analysis:

  1. From the Analysis List, select the analysis you want to upload a shape for. (This function is available only for Basic and Short-Term Fire Behavior, and FSPro runs.)
  2. Click View Information. The Analyses page appears.
  3. From the left menu, choose Shape Upload. The Upload Shape Files page appears.
  4. In the Shape Label field, type a descriptive name for the shape you are uploading (character limit is 64).
  5. Select the Shape Type.
  6. Select the Shape Date and Time. This is the effective date for the shape, and is beneficial for tracking the history related to the types of shapes uploaded.
  7. Mark the Source Types.
  8. Enter a Comment describing the shape you are uploading.
  9. Click Browse to navigate to where the shape ZIP file is stored. The Choose File window appears.
  10. Select the shape ZIP file you want to upload and click Open. The path and filename for the ZIP file appear in the File to Upload field.
  11. Click Upload. The shapes will be uploaded and associated with the analysis.
  12. To view the shape:
    1. In the left pane of the Map tab, verify that the Incident and Analysis layers are turned on.
    2. If the Incident and Analysis layers are not checked, click the + sign for each to expand the layer options.
    3. Select the shape you just uploaded (the description you entered when uploading the shape appears in the list).

The shape should appear on your map view. If it doesn't, that means that either the latitude/longitude are wrong in the shape or incident, or you uploaded the wrong shape.

Try zooming out until you see the shape description, then use the hand (panning) tool to move the shape to the center of your screen before zooming in.

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