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To create an FSPro analysis:

CAUTION: Running an FSPro analysis can require significant processing power. The more fires and longer time span you enter for the model, the longer it will take to process.

  1. From the Incident list, select the incident that you want to run an FSPro Analysis for.
  2. Click View Analyses. The Analysis List page for the selected incident appears.
  3. Under New Analysis, select FSPro.
  4. Click Create Analysis for Incident. The New FSPro Analysis page appears.
  5. Enter a name for the analysis.
  6. Enter the number of fires that you want to model (default is 256).
  7. Enter the number of days you want the model to analyze (default is 7).
  8. Select the ignition and barrier shape files you want to use for the analysis.
  9. Click Create.

You've created a new analysis but will not be able to run the model until all input requirements are satisfied. Use the Requirements slide out menu on the right to ensure all required components are completed. Monitor the Run FSPro Status section on the General FSPro Information page to determine what needs to be done before the analysis can run.

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