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To accept or refuse an analysis request:

  1. From the Analysis List page, select Requested Fire Behavior from the Filters drop-down list. The Incident/Analysis Name list is updated with all incidents with a status of Requested, sorted alphabetically by incident name.
  2. Select the analysis you want to work on by clicking the radio button next to the name.
  3. Click Accept. The Accept/Refuse Fire Behavior Request page appears.
  4. Click Refuse to remove the analysis request from the queue, or click Cancel to work on the incident analysis and keep it in the queue.
  5. Type a name in the Analysis Name box. The analysis name cannot contain an apostrophe or backslash; the cursor blinks if you try to add these characters and a message displays that these characters are disabled.
  6. Note the fire behavior Requested Needs, and then specify the initial analysis type to create.
  7. Add a comment explaining your Analysis Type choice.
  8. Click Accept. The General Analysis Parameters page appears.

You can now begin work on the analysis. For information about setting analysis parameters for each type of analysis, see Running a Basic Fire Behavior Analysis, Running a Short-Term Fire Behavior Analysis, or Creating an FSPro Analysis.

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