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WFDSS Near-Term Fire Behavior Analysis (NTFB)

This fire behavior model produces outputs that represent modeled growth in the form of a 'fire progression' (similar to the FARSITE desktop model). Unlike Short-Term Fire Behavior, NTFB models fire behavior using inputs for weather and wind that change over the duration of the simulation. Though NTFB can model fire growth for up to seven days, it is generally most appropriate for the 'near term' of one to three days (due to unknowns in the forecast beyond that time frame).

The model retrieves forecasted weather and winds for the selected time, using National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Data for current simulations. For historic fires, the model can use historic weather. 

The Fire Behavior Specialist can accept the fuel moisture, weather, and wind inputs, or can replace those values as needed. Within a short period of time (usually within a couple of minutes), WFDSS NTFB fire spread results are ready for viewing. 

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