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To download a KMZ file:

  1. From the Analysis List page, select the analysis you want to download a KMZ for.
  2. Select Download KMZ. The File Dowload box appears.
  3. Click one of the download options:
    • Save to download the KMZ file to your desktop. Specifiy the location to save the file. Click Save. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you can double-click the file to open it in Google Earth.
    • Open to display the KMZ file in Google Earth. The KMZ file name appears in the My Places pane in Google Earth. You can view the information by clicking the + to expand the list.
    • Cancel to exit the File Download box and return to WFDSS.

Once you download the KMZ, you can use it outside of WFDSS; examples include training, briefings, or data management.

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