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To modify hourly weather records:

  1. Navigate to the analysis that contains the Hourly (weather) Record data you want to modify by doing one of the following steps:
    • Choose Analyses tab > select the analysis > click View Information.
    • If you are already in the analysis, select the (Analysis) Information menu option from the list on the left.

    The General Information page appears for the selected analysis.

  2. Scroll down to the Weather Summary bar and, if necessary, click the down arrow to display the Weather Summary Data.
  3. Select the radial button next to the date for which you wish to view and edit hourly records.
  4. Click Hourly Records. The Table View of hourly records displays.
  5. Enter the values you want to use by clicking in a particular cell and overwriting the existing value. Input cells that are not editable are not used by the fire behavior model.
  6. When you are done editing on the page (day), remember to click Save. The page reloads. 
  7. Verify your changes in the table, and then click Graph View to view your edits and ensure trends for each type of value are reasonable.
  8. Note that you can move forward and backward through each day by clicking Previous Day or Next Day.

Once you've edited and saved Hourly Records, you can continue entering inputs for the fire behavior analysis, but if you change the analysis date, weather station, or burn period information, it automatically repopulates the Hourly Records data values and overwrites your changes.

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