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To download all fire perimeters for the currently displayed incident list:

  1. From the Incident List, filter the list for the incidents you want to download perimeters for.
  2. Click View Information. The Edit Incident page appears.
  3. Click Download Perimeters. The Download Perimeters page appears.
  4. Type a download label for your ZIP file. For example, enter Four Mile perimeter 7-15-2010.
  5. Select the type of perimeters you want to download.
  6. Select the Source Types you want to download. The default is Any Selected Source Type.
  7. Click Submit Request. A message appears stating that your request is being processed.
  8. Wait a few minutes, then choose My Home. The perimeter ZIP file appears in the My Activities List.
  9. Click the Download shapes icon Download Shapes icon. The File Download window appears.
  10. Click Save. The Save As window appears.
  11. Navigate to where you want to save the perimter ZIP file.
  12. Click Save. The ZIP file is downloaded to the selected folder.

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