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To draw a landscape mask:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate map by doing one of the following:
    • Choose Incidents tab > select the Incident > click Assess Situation.
    • Choose Analyses tab > select the analysis > click View Information > Analysis Map. (The Analysis Landscape file must already exist before you can do this option.)
  2. Pan and zoom into the area where you wish to draw a mask.
  3. Select the map tool you want to use to create a shape on the map (rectangle or polygon).
  4. Place your cursor on the map and draw the shape.
  5. Click the green plus Green circle + icon to the right of the Landscape Masks layer.
  6. Enter a Name for the mask.
  7. Click Save. The temporary shape appears both on the map with the given label and in the Layer Tree under Landscape Masks

NOTE: The Situation Map and the Analysis Map have the same functionality. The View Landscape Map currently only views the landscape.

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