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About WFDSS Help

WFDSS Help provides users with:

Help content is context-sensitive for pages in the application. It can be accessed by clicking the Help link (located beside the feedback hyperlink in the upper right corner of the webpage). Once clicked, a help topic will appear that addresses the page in the application you are viewing. Help content is updated regularly.

You can search for help using the Google search tool on the WFDSS website home page (located in the upper left). You can also use the contents tree, index or search options within the help to navigate to the help you need. If you can't find the information you are looking for in the help or WFDSS training materials, use the Feedback form to tell us what you were looking for and where you expected to find it. The form can be accessed from within the WFDSS application by clicking the Feedback hyperlink. You can also contact the Fire Application HelpDesk at 1-866-244-7677.

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WFDSS User Documentation Overview

Using the Search Option in the WFDSS Online Help

Using the Contents and Index Options in the WFDSS Online Help

Using the Feedback Form

WFDSS Help Symbols and Conventions

Accessing the Fire Application Help Desk

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