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Selecting a Weather Station for Fire Behavior Analysis

Fire Behavior Specialists must select a weather station to generate wind and/or weather stream data for the various fire behavior models available in WFDSS and the availability of weather stations will vary among the models. Each model has its own requirements and weather station selection for each model should take these requirements into consideration. Click a link below to view help for selecting a weather station for that particular model.

Always use the most representative weather station for the fire and situation. The closest reporting station may not be the best choice, nor will station density and location always be optimal. When evaluating a station, examine data quality, extent, and relevance to the specific incident and analysis you are conducting.

Ask local fire managers for their input on station selection. Check the local GACC site for information regarding stations as well as contacting the GACC meteorologist for information regarding weather station applicability.

CAUTION: The actual weather data available for an individual station is unique to each station. In FSPro, the number of years, months or days within a specific year that actual weather data exist cannot be determined in WFDSS. The months and actual days a station actively collects information is best determined outside the WFDSS system. Knowing this is important when setting the date/time filter's years and start and end months.

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