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Selecting Weather Stations for FSPro

FSPro is dependent on remote weather stations to provide information needed to calculate ERC Classes and winds information used by the model. For the FSPro model to run, Fire Behavior Specialists must:

FSPro assumes that fuel moistures and winds are independent of each other and because of this, a different weather station can be selected for each data type. The list of available weather stations for generating ERC Classes is different from the list for generating a wind matrix because:

Multiple weather stations are available to provide wind and weather data for FSPro and those listed are generally within 1 degree of latitude and longitude of the entered incident latitude and longitude. The closest station in terms of its distance from the incident latitude and longitude and elevation will be the initial displayed station. If a station does not have a recorded daily Obs (1200 or 1300 Obs whichever is designated for that station) for three days in WIMS, the station is no longer available in the drop-down list until those Obs are in WIMS.

Data extent and quality will be station dependent and reflect the local areas commitment to their weather station network and more importantly, their data. In most cases, stations available for ERC classes have longer record length that covers the entire historical record length for that station based on a single reporting observation per day. Wind information will be limited to the period when the station was converted to an automatic station type and the data record will not be as extensive. However, the winds information will be hourly and include the ten minute average as well as the peak hourly gust data.

CAUTION: The actual weather data available for an individual station is unique to each station. In FSPro, the number of years, months or days within a specific year that actual weather data exist cannot be determined in WFDSS. The months and actual days a station actively collects information is best determined outside the WFDSS system. Knowing this is important when setting the date/time filter's years and start and end months.-----------
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