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Creating and Editing Customized Risk Tables

Users can create and edit customized risk tables on the Assessment tab, or on the Risk vertical tab if editing a decision using the Default Decision Editor. This feature was added to WFDSS to enable creation of tables when working with the Default Decision Editor, and to allow easy incorporation of the various styles of risk tables used among the geographic areas in support of incident decision-making.

Values tables generated from drawing planning areas or completed FSPro runs can be saved as custom tables, and then modified to display values information in a way that is meaningful and specific to an incident. You can add rows and/or columns to these tables, as well as modify existing fields, enabling you to align information from both inside and outside of WFDSS to help fire managers and line officers accurate assess and evaluate those influences on the fire that affect risk based decision making. You cannot create a custom risk table without a planning area or a completed analysis.

For example, a planning area inventory may only display a portion of threatened values for an incident. Creating a custom table would enable you to document additional values for the incident and add acreages and other types of supporting information. Publishing the table will then make it available for you to add to decision content (failing to publish leaves it in draft form). You can add the table to a decision by choosing it from the Risk Tables drop-down list located on the Risk vertical tab in the default decision editor, or by adding it to the decision content from the incident content when working with the advanced decision editor.

To create and edit a customized risk table:

  1. From the Incident List, select the incident you would like to create a customized risk table for.
  2. Click View Information. The Incident Information page appears.
  3. Click the Assessment tab. The Assessment page appears.
  4. Click Create Risk Table. The Create Risk Table page appears.
  5. Enter the Risk Table Name.
  6. Enter appropriate information in the text box.
  7. Select a Values Table from the drop-down menu. Currently the only choices available are Planning Areas Values Inventory and FSPro.
  8. Enter the appropriate information in the text box.
  9. Click Save. The system generates the the table for editing.
  10. Return to the Assessment tab.
  11. Click on the name of the risk table you just created.
  12. Click View Edit.The risk table appears
  13. Edit the table name, descriptive text, or any field in table. You can also add rows and columns as needed using the buttons at the bottom of the table. To delete columns, click Delete. A small pop up box displays listing all the columns. Click the radio button next to the column you want to delete.
  14. Click Delete.
  15. Click Save. At the top of the page, a message dispalys that the risk table was saved.
  16. Click Return to go to the Assessment tab.
  17. At this point you can do one of the following:
    • Click Publish to publish the risk table. A message displays that the risk table successfully saved and is available for publishing. You then return to the Assessment tab. You may not edit a published risk table.
    • Click Return to return to the Assessment tab. You may return to the unpublished risk table on the Assessment tab.

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