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About the Assessment Tab

The Assessment tab allows consolidated access to the Relative Risk and Organization Assessments, both required parts of a decision. The customized Risk Tables and Benefits assessments provide an additional level of decision support, as do the Weather, Risk, and Benefits sections of a decision which are accessible when editing decision content. Fire behavior analysis results, such as STFB, NTFB, and FSPro are also a necessary assessment element and if available, can be added to a decision using the decision editors. Collectively, these assessments frame the risk associated with an incident and help guide development of Incident Objectives, Incident Requirements and an appropriate Course of Action.

Note: If using the Default Decision Editor, fire behavior results can be added to a decision on the Risk vertical tab. If the Advanced Decision Editor is used, fire behavior analysis results must be added via the Text Editor (accessible when editing a decision).

Using the Assessment tab and Weather, Risk and Benefits vertical tabs, you can:

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