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To create an analysis filter using the Manage Filters button:

  1. From the Incident List, click Analysis. The Analysis List page appears.
  2. Click Manage Filter. The Analysis Filter List page appears.
  3. Click Create New Filter. The Define Analysis Filter page appears.
  4. Click Clear to remove any previous filters.
  5. Enter a name for your filter.
  6. Select the Request Date and Completion Date criteria.
  7. Select the Analysis Type(s) to include in the filter.
  8. Select the Analysis Status you want to include.
  9. Select the Geographic Area(s) for the analyses you want to view, then click >> to include them in your criteria.
  10. Enter a comma-separated list of Unit IDs to filter on (e.g., CACND, CAALT, NCNCF).
  11. To filter by specific Analyst Name(s), Incident Author(s), or Incident Names, enter all or part of the name you are searching for > click Apply Filter to list the names that meet your criteria > click >> to include them in your filter. The selected names appear in the right-hand slush bucket. To remove a name, click <<.
  12. Click Save Filter. The Analysis List reappears showing only those incidents that met your criteria, sorted by most recent Request Date.

If the Analysis List is empty, no analyses met all of your criteria. Go back to the Define Analysis Filters page and verify that you selected the correct criteria. Try removing some of your more restrictive criteria. (For example, if someone has changed the incident owner for the incident you are looking for, it will not show up on your list if you select the previous owner's name.)

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