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Filtering Addresses

Thousands of users are registered in WFDSS. Filtering allows you to sort these users so that you can more easily find the person you are looking for.

You can sort by geographic areas, so that you can easily find the people you are working with on a particular incident. In addition, you can set up a personal address book to include only the people you work with most frequently.

To filter addresses:

  1. Log in to WFDSS.
  2. Select the My Home tab. The Home page appears.
  3. Select Address Book. The Address Book page appears.
  4. Choose the conditions you want to use in the filter:
    • Address Book
    • Roles
    • Geographic Areas
    • Agencies
    • User Name
  5. Click Apply Filter.

The User List changes to display the users who meet the criteria you selected. Once you have filtered the list, you can set up your own address book and create groups.

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To filter addresses:

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