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To edit and accept an SCI:

  1. From the Incident List, select the incident you want to edit the SCI for.
  2. Click View Information. The Edit Incident Information window appears.
  3. Click the Cost tab, and then locate the Stratified Cost Index section of the page.
  4. Click View SCI List.
  5. Select the SCI you want to edit, then click Edit. The Stratified Cost Index page appears, showing the auto-filled parameters.
  6. Review the selected parameters for the incident and make any necessary modifications.
  7. Enter Estimated Acreage for each alternative cost, starting with the actual burned acres.

    Note: If you entered an incident size on the Edit Incident Information page, the Acres Burned field will be auto-filled with that number. If the acreage on the Incident Information page is less than 300 acres, 300 will be used as the default. Results for fires less than 300 acres may not be accurate.

  8. Click Save.
  9. To see the SCI based on the alternatives you entered, click Calculate SCI. The SCI appears in the SCI Results section above the parameter fields.
  10. If you agree with the SCI results, click Accept. Otherwise, click Reject, or repeat steps 6-8.
  11. If you need to review an SCI that is complete or incomplete, click radio button next to SCI then click View.

    Note: Once you accept the SCI index, the parameters for this SCI calculation are no longer editable.

  12. To return to the Stratified Cost Index page, click Return.

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