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Copying an SCI

As an incident progresses, you might want to create a new SCI based on a previous calculation, e.g., using the same parameters, but changing the acres burned.

Or, if someone else created the SCI for that incident, perhaps you want to base your calculation from theirs.

You must have editing privileges for the incident to copy an SCI.

Caution: Remember, SCI runs a Basic Fire Behavior analysis. However, copying an SCI does not cause WFDSS to re-run the Basic Fire Behavior analysis. Therefore, the SCI inputs might not be valid for a new burn period. Before calculating SCI for a copied run, verify the fire intensity parameters to ensure that this input is still accurate for current conditions.

To copy an SCI:

  1. From the Incident List, select the incident you want to edit the SCI for.
  2. Click View Information. The Edit Incident Information window appears.
  3. Click the Cost tab, and then locate the Stratified Cost Index section.
  4. Click the View SCI List. The Stratified Cost Index List appears.
  5. Select the SCI you want to copy, then click Copy. The copied SCI appears at the bottom of the Stratified Cost Index List.

From here, you can edit the newly copied SCI. It is a good idea to rename your newly copied SCI, to distinguish it from the original.

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