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Testing Your Understanding of FSPro VAR

Using the following image from a 7-day FSPro analysis, test your understanding of FSPro VAR information.

Values at Risk example

Example of FSPro VAR to use to answers questions below


  1. Is there at least an 80% probability that private land will be burned in the next 7 days?  If so, how many acres?
  2. What is the highest probability that electric transmission lines will be affected by the fire within the next 7 days?
  3. Is there a chance that any oil and gas pipelines will be visited by fire?  If so, what is the probability according to this 7-day FSPro analysis?
  4. Is it likely that any houses will be affected by the fire within the next 7 days?  If so, what is the probability?
  5. Is there at least a 5% probability that an electric substation will be involved according to this 7-day FSPro analysis?
  6. What is the currency of the electric sub-stations coverage?


  1. Yes, at least 27 acres.
  2. 4.9%
  3. Yes, less that 0.2% probability
  4. Yes,  5% - 19% probability (per the 2000 Census Housing Values)
  5. No, the highest probability is less than 0.2%
  6. The electric sub stations coverage comes from HSIP (Homeland Security Infrastructure Program) and is a national coverage.  It was last updated in March, 2008.

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