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To create a LCP editor rule:

Note: Landscape editor rules within each attribute category are applied from the top to the bottom of the list, so move the rules up or down the list as needed.

  1. From the Analysis List, select or create the analysis that you want to add rules for.
  2. Click View Information. The General Information page appears for the analysis.
  3. From the left menu, select Landscape Editor. The Landscape File Editor page appears.
  4. Click Add. The Add Landscape Editor Rule page appears.
  5. Select the attribute you want to change.
  6. Enter the new attribute value.
  7. Enter the rule conditions that apply to the attribute.
  8. Select the fuel model that applies to the attribute.
  9. If you want to limit the rule by a shape mask, add the mask that applies to the attribute. (The mask must exist in WFDSS for the incident before it will appear in the list.)
  10. Click Save. The Landscape Editor Rule page appears displaying the new rule in the list.

You can add or import more rules, or create your landscape file. Be sure to review your landscape rules before creating the landscape file.

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