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Creating a Landscape Editor Rule

The landscape editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for modifying a landscape. Fire Behavior Specialists can either add or import rules for the landscape file.

Note: Create the rules before creating the landscape file. If you add or edit rules after creating the landscape file, you will have to re-create the landscape file.

Adding rules allows you to edit the following attributes for the landscape fuels layers (canopy base height, canopy bulk density, canopy cover, fuel model or stand height) within the defined landscape extent:

CAUTION: After creating a Landscape File that contains landscape edits, view the landscape to ensure that the edits you made in the Landscape Editor appear as you expected. A landscape critique will help with this task. Landscape editor rules are applied using Boolean logic and, if edits to your landscape do not appear as they should, read Landscape Editor Tips and make appropriate rule edits.

Landscape Editor Tips:

Consider the following when using the Landscape Editor in WFDSS to make landscape edits for fire behavior analysis.

To change fuel models or canopy characteristics only outside of masked areas (in other words, retain values in masked areas and make adjustments outside of them), use the logic method that WFDSS applies to the landscape rules. To retain values inside of a mask while making changes outside of a mask, create two rules. The first rule retain the masked area's values and the second rule changes everything outside of the masked area. To retain canopy characteristic values inside of masked areas, multiply those by a value of 1 and then the subsequent rule is not applied to those areas because the first rule takes precedence.

To add a LCP editor rule:

Note: Landscape editor rules within each attribute category are applied from the top to the bottom of the list, so move the rules up or down the list as needed.

  1. From the Analysis List, select or create the analysis that you want to add rules for.
  2. Click View Information. The General Information page appears for the analysis.
  3. From the left menu, select Landscape Editor. The Landscape File Editor page appears.
  4. Click Add. The Add Landscape Editor Rule page appears.
  5. Select the attribute you want to change.
  6. Enter the new attribute value.
  7. Enter the rule conditions that apply to the attribute.
  8. Select the fuel model that applies to the attribute.
  9. If you want to limit the rule by a shape mask, add the mask that applies to the attribute. (The mask must exist in WFDSS for the incident before it will appear in the list.)
  10. Click Save. The Landscape Editor Rule page appears displaying the new rule in the list.

You can add or import more rules, or create your landscape file. Be sure to review your landscape rules before creating the landscape file.

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To create a LCP editor rule:

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