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Assessing the Organization

Incident Owners, Editors, and Approvers use the Organization Assessment (OA) to help identify the organizational needs for an incident. (See the Organization Assessment reference for more information about each variable considered.) The Organization Assessment is a required component of any published decision in WFDSS and can be accessed from the OA menu option, the Assessment tab, or from the Risk vertical tab in the Default Decision Editor.

The following types of information inform your OA inputs:

If you need assistance developing inputs for the OA, click the help icon besides each rating chart or at the top right of the page to access appropriate help topics.

To assess the organization:

  1. In the Incident List, locate the incident you want to create an Organization Assessment for and click View Information.
  2. Verify that the Relative Risk Assessment has been completed.
  3. From the left menu, click Org Assessment. The Organization Assessment page appears. This page contains three sections:
  4. Locate the Implementation Difficulty section. Select the appropriate fire duration, course of action level, and functional concern level.
  5. In the Difficulty Notes text box, type the rationale for your selections. This information is included in the decision, so be as specific as possible.
  6. Locate the Socio/Political Concerns section. Select the appropriate level of objective concerns, external influences, and ownership concerns.
  7. In the Socio/Political Concerns text box, type the rationale for your selections. This information is included in the decision, so be as specific as possible.
  8. Click Continue. The Organization Assessment Results appear.
  9. The OA Results summarize inputs and display them as a bar chart to help you assess incident complexity. Review the results.
  10. Select an organization type and then document the rationale for your decision in the Organization Notes box.
  11. Click Publish. You can also click Back to review/modify OA inputs, or Return to leave the OA and return to the place in the application you were prior to accessing OA. For more details, see the Organization Assessment reference.

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