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Organization Assessment

The Organization Assessment (OA), Part C of the Wildland Fire Risk and Complexity Assessment (RCA),  guides Agency Administrators in their management organization selection, both in escalating and moderating situations (i.e., this process can be used to go up or down in organizations) and is used for all incident types. The OA can be completed by an incident owner or a user granted incident editing or approving privileges. Relative Risk must be assessed before completing the OA, as its inputs feed directly into the OA. Each of these must be completed before a pending decision can be published.

The Organization Assessment is based on the following elements:

The final part of the OA displays assessment results and an accompanying bar chart to help inform organization selection. Users choose an organization for an incident and document their rationale in the Organization Notes text box.

The IMT type needed to manage an incident will change over time but changing levels of complexity does not warrant a new decision if Incident Objectives, Incident Requirements and the Course of Action remain the same. The Relative Risk and OA can be updated as needed and are visible to the approver when completing the periodic assessment.

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