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Bookmarking Maps

Users can bookmark, or save, a map display and its settings from any map so that you can easily return to it in the future. Unlike map ‘captures’ that save map displays as images, bookmarked map displays (bookmarks) capture the actual selection and arrangement of map layers. Bookmarks are grouped by the map display used to save each bookmark. This assists with navigation, and can help you quickly return to frequently used map displays each time you log in to WFDSS.

All of your bookmarks are available to you from any map display in WFDSS. If you bookmarked map displays for three different incidents, you will quickly be able to navigate from one incident to another. This is helpful if you are managing multiple incidents.

You can also share bookmark links with other users. Each bookmark has a unique URL which can be copied and pasted into an email for easy sharing or distribution. Users must have appropriate privileges to view items in a shared map display, however. For example, a bookmarked map display containing a planning area and M.A.P.s associated with an unpublished decision can be shared with a WFDSS user who is not an owner of that incident, but the planning area and M.A.P.s will not display for that user.

When bookmarking maps, you can:




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