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Wind Consideration (BFB & STFB)

The weather station a Fire Behavior Specialist selects for a Basic (BFB) or Short Term Fire Behavior (STFB) analysis generates the Weather Summary and associated Hourly Records. Wind speed and direction in Wind Information are also automatically populated for the start hour of the analysis based on the selected station. Wind speed and direction values in the Hourly Records are not used by the BFB or STFB models and, therefore, cannot be edited there. Instead, these two models use the static wind speed and direction in the Wind Information section. The auto-populated values, in most cases, will be overridden by the analyst in order to answer a specific question (for example, "how much active crown fire would be observed on the landscape with a wind of 20 miles per hour from the west?"). Since RAWS or forecasted wind speed and direction are not used in BFB or STFB, it is not as important to select a station that is representative of fire area winds as it is with the NTFB or FSPro models. Other Hourly Records data, (such as temperature, cloud cover, humidity etc.) are, however, important for fuel conditioning and the selected station should be representative of the incident location for these weather variables.

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