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To create an incident using the data entry fields:

  1. From within the WFDSS application, choose the Incident tab. The Incident List appears.
  2. Click Create New Incident. The Create New Incident page appears. A pop-up map displays the incident. You can use tools to pan or zoom within the map to verify fire location.
  3. In the Incident Name field, type the name of the incident.

    Enter the Latitude and Longitude for the incident in either decimal degrees or degrees-minutes-seconds. The option you did not choose auto-populates.

    A pop-up map of the incident location displays on the page. Use the tools to zoom or pan to map features.

    Note: The latitude and longitude must be entered with NAD83 datum to get an accurate location in WFDSS.

  4. Enter any additional information that you have about the fire, such as  Jurisdictional Agency(s), Unique Fire Identifier, Size, and so on. This information can be entered or edited later as more accurate data are available. If you are uncertain about the Landscape Data Source to select, click the help icon to the right of the data source.
  5. Click Create. The incident is saved to the database and added to the Incident List, and the Edit Incident Information appears.

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