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To create an incident using the map view:

  1. Choose Intelligence tab > Intelligence Map. The map of your designated geographic area appears.

    Note: It might require several seconds for the maps to load the first time you go to the Map view. Refreshing and zooming can also take a few seconds, depending on how many layers you have turned on and what resolution you are working with.

  2. Click the Fire Fire Icon icon. The cursor changes to an arrow.
  3. Place the arrow on the location of the fire, then click.

    A small yellow circle appears on the map in the location of the fire, and the latitude and longitude are automatically entered in the appropriate fields in the Create Incident pane.

  4. On the left side of the screen in the Create Incident pane, click the Incident Name field and type the name of the incident.
  5. Click Next. The Create New Incident page appears. A pop-up map displays the incident. You can use tools to pan or zoom within the map to verify fire location.
  6. Enter a Discovery Time. All other necessary fields have been auto-filled for you.
  7. Verify that the following information auto-filled correctly:
    • Unit ID (this is from the SMA layer)
    • Responsible Unit at Point of Origin
    • Jurisdictional Agency
  8. Enter any additional information that you have about the fire, Unique Fire Identifier, Incident Cause, Incident Size, Landscape Data Source, and so on. This information can be entered or edited later as more accurate data are available.
  9. Click Create. The incident is saved to the database and added to the Incident List, and the Edit Incident Information appears.

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