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Managing Management Requirement Shapes

Spatial Fire Planning (SFP) requires that Management Requirement text is associated with a shape, and these Management Requirement shapes are uploaded and managed at the administrative unit level. Management Requirement shapes are managed differently than other types of shapes in WFDSS so Data Managers need to be aware of Management Requirement shape considerations.

Data Managers have a lot of flexibility when managing Management Requirements because they can edit both shapes and text as needed, throughout the fire season to ensure the most current information is activated in WFDSS. These shapes should provide clear direction to fire managers as to the requirements for the area defined by the shape. The administrative unit manages the Management Requirement shapes so spatial Management Requirement data does not need to be submitted to a WFDSS Data Team Contact and is not added to the National FMU layer.

Management Requirement shapes must be located within an administrative unit’s boundary, and the boundary is determined by the Strategic Objective shape coverage. WFDSS automatically clips uploaded and drawn Management Requirement and Other Unit Shapes to the administrative unit’s boundary to eliminate overlapping edges and incidents where the shapes fall outside the unit boundary.

You can associate multiple sets of Management Requirement text with one shape, or associate one set of Management Requirement text with multiple shapes. When the latter occurs, merge individual shapes into one shape and store it in one zipped shapefile. See the help topics Merging Shapes and Complex Shapes for assistance with managing shapes and troubleshooting.

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