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Uploading Management Requirement Shapes

Data Managers can upload Management Requirement shapes for their administrative unit, and make changes as needed to the shapes and their associations throughout the year. Management Requirement shapes are uploaded from the Data Management perspective, unlike incident and analysis shapes that are loaded from the Incident and Analysis perspectives.

To upload Management Requirement shapes:

  1. Choose Data Management > Unit Shapes. The Unit Shapes page appears.
  2. Select the Geographic Area, Agency, and Unit that you are uploading shapes for.
  3. Locate the Management Requirement Shapes for Unit section. Within that section, enter a Label for your shape. This label appears in the LayerSwitcher on the map, so make sure that it accurately and simply reflects the shape's purpose or content. For example, "Spotted Owl" or "Kickapoo Campground".
  4. Enter a Category for the shape. This tells other users what the shape is used for. For example, "Barrier", "Habitat", or "Structures". Your unit should agree on consistent categories and naming conventions for Management Requirement shapes.
  5. Enter a Description that provides more details about the shape.
  6. Click Browse to navigate to the shapefile you are uploading. The Choose File to Upload window appears.
  7. Navigate to the shapefile you want to upload, and then click Open. The full path for your file appears in the File to Upload field.
  8. Select Include in Values when you want the shape to be included in the Values layer and Values Inventory. You can change this at any time by choosing Data Management > Unit Shapes

    > de-select the checkbox next to the selected shape

  9. Click Upload. The shapefile appears in the Shapes for Unit list.

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