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Managing Strategic Objective Shapes

Strategic Objective shapes are not managed locally, but on a national basis. Data Managers submit spatial data to their agency’s WFDSS Data Team Contact, who then ensures the data is enabled in WFDSS. The spatial data is added to the collective National FMU layer, which contains all the FMU and Strategic Objective shapes submitted by agencies to guide incident management and decision-making. The WFDSS Data Team Contact adds spatial data to the National FMU layer on a quarterly schedule, or more often if needed (uploads are done in batches). As a result, it could take a couple of months for Strategic Objectives to be enabled in WFDSS. During this time, Data Managers can add Strategic Objective text, or edit text for Strategic Objectives that have not been activated.

FMU planning does not require spatial data, but with Spatial Fire Planning (SFP), the Strategic Objective shape layer is required and its coverage determines an administrative unit’s boundary. Subsequent shape uploads, such as Management Requirements or Other Unit Shapes, are clipped to it to eliminate overlapping edges and incidents where the shapes fall outside the administrative unit boundary.

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