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Viewing Incident History

The Incident History shows you a list of all the changes made to the incident information since the incident was created. You can display the information in a detailed and/or summary view. Each view includes the name of the person making the change, the date and time the change was made, the type of change, comments, and links to relative risk, and organizational information for the incident. This is useful for incident owners and agency administrators who need to ensure that the incident information is up to date.

The detailed view shows any incident changes involving the following parameters:

The summary view is an abbreviated display of the detailed view.

Incident owners and agency administrators can also download Incident History information to an Excel© spreadsheet in detailed or summary view on their desktop by clicking the Spreadsheet Icon spreadsheet icon.

To view incident history:

  1. From the Incident list, select the incident > click View Information. The Edit Information page appears.
  2. From the left menu, choose Incident History. The Incident History page appears.
  3. Click Show Details to show all types of changes to the incident, or click Hide Details to show an abbreviated list of changes to the incident.
  4. Click the Excel spreadsheet icon if you want to download detailed or summary incident change information to your desktop.
  5. Review the incident history, then click Return. The Edit Incident Information page reappears.

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