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508 Compliance

If you are color-blind or otherwise have trouble viewing the maps and images within the WFDSS system, several options are available to assist you. Several software applications can help convert images to a more easily viewed contrast level:

If you are a USDA Forest Service employee and find a software package that suits your needs but requires a purchase, please consult the reasonable accommodation documentation and make sure you fill out a technical approval form.

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These glossaries are all updated frequently.

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WFDSS Decision

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White Papers

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Fire Behavior

Introduction to FlamMap 3.0

In 2008, we developed this lesson for S-495 Unit 6: Short-Term Geospatial Analysis Using FlamMap. This lesson introduces FlamMap 3.0 and provides useful background information for both the desktop version of FlamMap and WFDSS Basic and Short-Term Fire Behavior.

PDFs of Fire Spread Probability Model (FSPro)

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Historical Fire Data

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