Wildland Fire Decision Support System

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Interagency Help Desk
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+1 866-224-7677 or
+1 616-323-1667

Analysis & Decision Content Support
+1 208-387-5253

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Help Yourself

A great deal of information exists in the WFDSS online help and the FAQs, and updates occur frequently. Check these resources before contacting the Help Desk or NFDSC.

If you need help understanding how to navigate the help, refer to the following topics:

If you need help with understanding WFDSS navigation, check out the navigation tips.

Contact Us

All questions and inquiries should be directed to the following websites and telephone numbers:

Table 1: WFDSS Contact Information

Analysis & Decision Content Support


+1 (208) 387-5253


WFDSS HelpDesk


Toll-Free: 1+ (866) 224-7677
Local: 1+ (616) 323-1667

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