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The WFDSS application is "data rich". It requires spatially oriented data and graphically displays information to assist the fire managers and analysts in making strategic decisions for fire incidents. Due to the type and number of interagency spatial data sets required, an interagency GIS Team was formed to provide data support for WFDSS.

The WFDSS GIS Team works with their agency fire managers and analysts to identify and include the appropriate national, geographic, or regional datasets. This Team is responsible for acquiring, consolidating, and validating their agencies' spatial and tabular data and for maintaining communication among local, regional, and national agency personnel to improve the data collection process and to provide guidance for WFDSS data needs.

Existing spatial layers are refreshed, depending on when the authoritative data source provides an updated layer. Each layer has a different refresh schedule, which could occur on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Many of the WFDSS spatial layers are available to download from the links below. In addition to the layers being available for download, the online WFDSS Help icon help for each layer is updated as layers are added. The online help outlines the source, currency, extent and contact information for each layer as well as a general description of the data and processing notes. The layer documentation for all available layers is available in the online help (refer to Data Layer Reference).

WFDSS Spatial Data Downloads and Resources

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